We love to host, to share, and to chat.

In the Springtime, we like to walk down among the vineyards, to witness the blossoming of the first leaves, witness the whole of nature, and to sit down for a picnic with the sounds of the birds and surprise rabbits when they come out of their lairs.
We love to show people our different grape varieties, and explain the differences, or how the fruits develop and show all the care we put into our vineyards in order to yield a good harvest.
We love, during the cool Summer nights, to count the stars of the unique Beira’s sky in our veranda.
We love to harvest with friends who come to help out, to share lunches and the joys of such days.
We love when people knock at our door to learn about the winery, to taste our wines or simply to talk for a while.
We love to hang at the veranda, under the soft, tender light of Autumn, counting the multiple oranges and golds of the leaves.
We love the cold days, when the fireplace is crackling in the wine-tasting room, and we sit down to savour a bottle and the stories locked inside.
We love to give out advice about walking tours, and itineraries, and restaurants, and menus… to help out friends to discover and feel the south of Beira Baixa.

Each and every visitor is special. Each is different. To each, we tailor the time and the program.

We do offer set programs:

1. Winery tour – includes 1 wine tasting

2. Winery tour with tasting of two wines

3. Wine and regional products tasting

4. Vineyard picnic

5. Vintage at Adega23

6. Wine Tasting Appreciation Workshop

7. Thematic Tastings

8. Wine-related events