Sarnadas de Rodão

Adega23 is the southernmost vineyard estate in the vast, variegated region of Beira Interior. The Portuguese territory is characterized by its incredible variety of landscape profiles. It is difficult to find such variety in the world in such a limited area. As a microcosm of the country and compared to other Portuguese wine-producing regions, Beira Interior is probably the most diverse. Limited by the Serras of Gardunha and Estrela, and the Cova da Beira between them.

Adega23 is found at the southern limit of Beira, between Gardunha and the river Tejo (Tagus). From the winery’s veranda, one can see the Serra de Mamede.

From Adega23’s veranda, one can see the “Portas de Ródão”, which means “Door” or “Entrance” of Ródão.

A natural monument that reminds one of other lands, other peoples, and other wine-making regions…

In the 13th century, Portuguese king D. Sancho I, also known as “The Populator”, had a serious problem. The vast territories to the south of Beira, which he had conquered from the Moors, was uninhabited, and it might as well have been be lost again. So, he appealed to his grandparents, three of whose kingdoms are regions of France today: the Rhône, Toulouse and Provence…

These kings sent D. Sancho I a contingent of knights and their following. When these people reached the village by the river known as Vila Velha, they found on both sides of the Tejo the rocky escarpments that reminded them of their own land – the Rhône valley. Therefore, they rechristened the village Vila Velha de Rodam. The evolution of Portuguese language polished the name to the contemporary spelling.

The two Rhône valley varieties, the syrah and the viognier grapes, are also an identity of our own reds and whites. The turns of history!